Coworking in the Velvet Mill



Our Goals

Shared Quarters serves entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers by providing an environment where people can be their most creative, collaborative and productive.

We aspire to be a hub for like-minded professionals to merge the freedoms of working individually with the social and network benefits of a workspace full of other smart and ambitious people.

How it works

Choose full-time, part-time or day rate and book through Liquidspace.

Full-time = Come and go as you please, day or night.

Part-time = Up to 10 days per month

Day rate = One day at a time

On your first day we'll give you give you access to the electronic lock with an app on your smartphone.

$30 under 30 deal

We want to lend a hand to young workers and entrepreneurs getting their start and are offering a full-time membership to people under 30 years old for $30 a month

The Space